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Hi, and welcome to my new page.  I have been wanting to get a better page going so this is a start.  I hope you find it enjoyable and know I am still interested in ideas you might have to improve my site.

I am located in Oklahoma just shy of the city maybe 2 hours away.  I also can meet in El Reno or Yukon. As I stated on my other site that I try and be an honest person and tell you exactly what you get and what to expect from me.  I am in no way a breeder these are family pets that just happen to get with babies.  They are not planed.  These puppies are raised indoors with the love we hope and expect they to go out to.  Please check puppy page for litters or upcoming litters we may be having.

Check our Disclaimer page for returns, etc.


My experience with instantchess has been a lot of fun and exactly what I have been looking for. it isnít over complicated as some of these other places are. I enjoy my time there playing tricks I know and learning new tricks from other players. I have had a great experience and would continue going to simply because it is perfect for me and my needs. I find as in other places, people don't mind if you are good or bad. We are all there for a good and fun time. Yes, will be the first place I go to. If you are looking for a great place to play chess and meet new people then this is the place to go.

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